While I've got you.

I’ve enjoyed watching Instagram grow over the past few years. 

 Anyone that has a phone now experiences the thrill of capturing a single moment in a single frame. Its changed the way people look at things; from their breakfast dish, to the shadows that follow their pooch at the park.

People are now stopping and looking at things that in the past they would have simply walked by. It gives us a greater appreciation of all the details that construct our surroundings; the camera has fueled a need to capture it.

It’s this detail that I have always strived to find outside or create in my studio.

At times I combine the two – bringing the beauty and simplicity of natural light into a studio set. This can breathe fresh life into food photography and then studio stillness to a busy landscape. 

Welcome to 4 Railway Place.

In many ways, the final image is a creative solution. 

My studio allows me to provide a solution for every brief.

THERE IS FREEDOM in the 500 square meters of space and roller door access for larger objects.

THERE IS SUPPORT    for stylists, hair and make-up artists, set designers and builderssuch as a large kitchen and dressing rooms.

THERE IS COMFORT in a private conference office space and a 3rd floor roof deck for a coffee with a view in-between shots.

my space becomes yours and your brief will be solved within it.



4 Railway Place
Cremorne 3181
Melbourne Victoria

+61 400 994 300